Cannabis Council of Canada


I was lucky enough to successfully complete my Graphic Design internship at the wonderful public affairs communications and advertising agency, Spark*advocacy. I was immediately drawn to Spark*advocacy because of their core goals of wanting to design for change, sparking 'a conversation about creative with stopping power'. I completed my six week internship with the agency, and was asked to stay on for an extended 3-month contract afterwards... before COVID truly interfered. Adrian Jean, Partner and Executive Creative Director of Spark*advocacy, personally taught me a great deal while I was on the team. Adrian guided my design skills in the right direction, having a helping hand in the projects I worked on. Other team members I had the pleasure of being mentored by included Perry Tsergas (Partner, President and CEO), Patricia Lacroix (Senior Graphic Designer), and Raquel Alves (Graphic Designer). I am very grateful for the time I was able to spend with the Spark*team, especially during a time of learning how to work as a team during the beginning phase of COVID-19.


I worked with a handful of awesome clients while at Spark*advocacy. One of these being the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3). George Smitherman had just stepped into his new role as President and CEO of the company. I designed an emailer to advertise a book launch of his, which he later Tweeted out (pictured below). C3 held a lobbying event in March on Parliament, which I was also fortunate enough to design some stationery for. The designs included promotional social media tent cards, and drink cards detailing a cocktail recipe created by the C3 that was served at the event. I attended this event in the Sir John A. Macdonald building with the Spark*advocacy team, and was able to see my designs in person being enjoyed by those attending!