3 Trees Logo Redesign


This project was done as a mock logo redesign for the Ottawa business 3 Trees. The original logo, although beautiful, was hand-drawn and inconsistent on both the store front and the website (pictured below). I was inspired to redesign the logo for 3 Trees because I find this store so fabulous and interesting - selling unique finds from India, Nepal, and some local brands. The store opened in 1993 with nine large suitcases full of clothing, jewellery, singing bowls, and handicrafts from a trip to India and Nepal. Today, many of the same small, family-operated businesses are bought from, as well as many other goods from practical to fashionable. The businesses' slogan is a 'non-ordinary shopping experience', which I personally love and wanted the chance to design based on that.


Here are my initial sketches. I wanted to incorporate the meaning of a 'non-ordinary shopping experience', along with the name 3 Trees and to bring in some culture from the areas of the world they sell their products from (mostly focusing on India and Nepal).


This is the final logo, compared with the two existing logos on their storefront and website. The symbol is a hand holding up three fingers in relation to the store's name, which is also the Indian hand-symbol for mindfulness. This symbol is often used in yoga, an activity the store greatly endorses and sells products for. The leaf in between the index finger and thumb represents not only leaves of a tree, but of the natural world that is the essence of this store. The single colour chosen for the logo is an earthy green, with black as a secondary option. I decided the logo should be kept as a symbol alone, adding to some mystery and inquiry of someone passing by the store window, which is always displayed beautifully. The logo was put into a Logo Brand Guidelines booklet to be handed back to the client, outlining all of the branding information and ways that the logo should and should not be used. Note: this redesign was a passion project created for school and although the owners of 3 Trees approved the use of their store for my project, the design was not actually used.