Elephant Abuse Awareness Campaign


This project is a mock awareness campaign made for the World Animal Protection to bring light towards the terrible reality behind elephant tourism-it is fueling cruelty. I easily developed a passion for this neglected topic as I began researching for my backpacking trip through Thailand. The touristic attraction of riding elephant has become a more mainstream issue, which is wonderful. The reality is though, the majority of these elephants in the tourism industry, although not being ridden, are still being mistreated every day of their lives. Whether it is being chained all day until tourists come to swim with them, being torn from their mothers at a young age, or by the use of hurtful tools, these elephants are not living happy lives. Below are some directional pages I created when brainstorming for this project.


Here are my initial sketches. I decided in order to catch the public's attention, I must make a BIG impact by catching them off-guard. I thought designing city buses with an eye-catching and relatable tagline would do the trick. I created the design so the people on the buses would look as though they are riding the elephants, with the words 'Enriching, right?' written beside them. When a person scans the large QR code on the side of the bus, the elephant photo becomes animated on their phones while terrible truths about the industry are displayed above. The viewer is directed towards World Animal Protection's website from there.


These are my final pieces: a promotional poster and a bus advertisement. Both use interactivity as a key feature. I created this animation through the use of the application EyeJack. Please, go ahead and scan these QR codes with your phone.