Radio Gaga Lenticular 3D


This project was part of a dream campaign for the band Queen. The goal of this project was to capture the electric feel that Freddie Mercury invoked when he performed one of his many famous hits “Radio Gaga” at Live Aid in 1985. Below is an inspirational moodboard I created for this project.


Here are my initial sketches. I decided to create a strong typographic piece with lyrics from the song, shaping into the fist Freddie makes when he performed this song to a live audience.


The final piece was created as a lenticular 3D poster! I had initially tried to manually create this lenticular piece in Photoshop... which turned out to be terribly complicated. Lenticular artwork is not widely used, and there was minimal online help to create such a piece. Local print shops did not have the equipment or much knowledge on the subject, so I contacted a Quebec print shop called Alteraction who did offer lenticular printing. The photos taken for the looping GIF below were taken by my talented photographer and Graphic Designer friend Annika Cayanga. The final poster turned out awesome and is currently hanging up in my apartment livingroom.