Every Bite

Background & Moodboard

This is a collaborative passion project that I am so excited to share. Fellow Graphic Designer, Julian Redmond, and I have a shared love for the world of food. Constantly visiting new/favourite restaurants, and experimenting in the kitchen, are a major part of our lives. This project idea came easily to me because it encompasses so many shared passions between Julian and myself, including striving to design for a positive change. Every Bite is an imagined restaurant idea with core elements we would include in our own restaurant. It’s a small, creative scratch restaurant heavily involved in community support. Shown below are various moodboards I created to give Julian and myself guidance when we began this project. Donuts absolutely needed their own moodboard, in case you were wondering.

Sketches & Purpose

A percentage of each bill at Every Bite is donated towards a worthy charity, either local or national. These charities change seasonally along with the menu, which would be celebrated at a festive sidewalk event called “Bite and Unite”. Guests would learn about the season’s cause, meet local vendors, and support artists/musicians in the area while they perform live. Below are some of my initial sketches for the look of Every Bite's Menu. Note: Julian created and designed the logo for Every Bite, the 'logo' I sketched myself is only meant as a filler.

Final Pieces & Credit

The charity on this season’s menu is Black Lives Matter Canada. Although Every Bite is fictional, I don’t want to undermine how important this movement is. Please scan the QR code in the photos below to learn more. Every Bite is entirely locally sourced—from furniture and art, to plants and ingredients. We would grow our own herbs and select produce, while the rest would be bought “ugly” (less than aesthetically pleasing, AKA just as beautiful) from local farmers who couldn’t sell them in stores. Leftovers are fermented and used throughout the year to create delicious and creative dishes. DESIGN CREDIT: • Julian’s work: food preparation/plating. menu: dish creations, hand-lettering of headings. logo: concept & design. business card: layout, hand-lettering & icons. • My work: project concept. menu: layout, illustrations, mission content. article: layout, photography, content. business card: illustrations