Fertilizer Canada


I was lucky enough to successfully complete my Graphic Design internship at the wonderful public affairs communications and advertising agency, Spark*advocacy. I was immediately drawn to Spark*advocacy because of their core goals of wanting to design for change, sparking 'a conversation about creative with stopping power'. I completed my six week internship with the agency, and was asked to stay on for an extended 3-month contract afterwards... before COVID truly interfered. Adrian Jean, Partner and Executive Creative Director of Spark*advocacy, personally taught me a great deal while I was on the team. Adrian guided my design skills in the right direction, having a helping hand in the projects I worked on. Other team members I had the pleasure of being mentored by included Perry Tsergas (Partner, President and CEO), Patricia Lacroix (Senior Graphic Designer), and Raquel Alves (Graphic Designer). I am very grateful for the time I was able to spend with the Spark*team, especially during a time of learning how to work as a team during the beginning phase of COVID-19.


I worked with a handful of awesome clients while at Spark*advocacy. One of these being a brand new client for the team, Fertilizer Canada. Fertilizer Canada requested a campaign with Spark*advocacy to outline how absolutely essential they were to the world during the beginning times of COVID-19. The Canadian fertilizer industry and their workers would stay strong for Canadians during these dark times, until the sun comes up again. I co-designed this campaign with one of Spark*advocacy's Senior Graphic Designers, Patricia Lacroix. I learned a tremendous amount while working with the team on this project, especially Adrian and Patricia. Through this experience I was fortunate enough to help design the campaign from the ground up, as well as learn the ways of the industry by joining client calls and working on client edits during the project. The client was exceptionally happy with the result, and we made a positive first connection with a soon-to-be long-term client. Below are the digital ads for the campaign designed by Patricia and I, including a tweet from Fertilizer Canada.